Wire EDM

Our Sodick AQ325L is the latest technology in Wire EDM-ing X, Y, Z, U, V axis. All have glass scales with 0.1 um resolution (.000004 in.) plus linear motor drive.

Think of a rotary motor that had been unrolled and flattened. Conventional Wire EDM's use drive screws, ballscrews, belts or gearboxes creating friction, backlash, and vibration. With linear motor drive systems, most of these issues are reduced or eliminated. This translates into accuracy, superior uniformed finishes, sharper geometry and faster machining time. We use Esprit CAD/CAM software to integrate from CAD to CAM by importing tooling geometry fully intact ready for machining without the need to edit or program geometry.

No electronic file, no problem! Send us your print and we will draw your tool path / electronic file using Esprit. We can import the following file types: AutoCAD, DXF, DWG, IGS, and SolidWorks.

A closer look...

Sodick AQ325L linear motor drive 5 axis wire cut EDM.

Wire EDM of A-2 stripper plate 7 rectangular pockets, 4 dowel pin holes.

.0300 thick Wire EDM part.

Precision ground CPM M-4 part. Example of 4 axis Wire EDM.

CNC milled, Wire EDM, precision ground stripper plates.